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My name is Tembre, I grew into my name as my songs grew in me. Having an English accent and a French name growing up in a rural community here in Ireland was challenging at times. This beautiful land that I call my home has given me the freedom and inspiration that nurtured my creativity. I am thankful.

I have been a singer/songwriter from ever since I can remember, and a facilitator of song and choir leader for the past 20 years. I have a MA in Community Music and am a graduate of the Irish Academy of Music and Dance.

Our voices are our own unique instrument that we carry with us each day, with no teaching, tampering or taming our voice is perfect just as it is. It can be amazing to be part of a workshop either in person or online and be able to just join in with ease and feel connected through singing. Imagine you breathing deeply in and out, your eyes soften, your ears open and your beating heart can be heard. Gradually I lead you in some simple actions to warm up our bodies, the vessel of our voice. I weave melodies to warm up our voices that make you want to gently sway or walk around the room, and we start to add harmonies for us all to sing. There is no need to have previous singing experience in a group, and you don’t need to know whether you can sing high or low, this is not a formal choir. All songs are taught by a call and response method, we do not use sheet music. I purposely share learnt songs from other songwriters or my own compositions that are easy on the ear, come naturally to our voices without too much work. My aim is for you to feel relaxed, connected and present with yourself, and the other people singing with you.

An independent, easy-going, imperfect and loving mother raised me. Watered and fed me, led me through alternative education and environments, she created a comfortable home with colour, plants and handcrafts in shared houses, shacks, sheds, and camping while collecting wood from the forest and water from the streams.

At the age of 11 myself, my mother Avryl and my sister Malawi moved from the U.K, and Ireland became my home. I felt immense freedom as a child where I would while away my time walking, singing and writing through wild landscapes of endless green fields, rolling inviting hills and rushing rivers. All this provided me with such freedom as a child, challenges as a teenager and such a relief as a mother. I still live in County Clare in the south of Ireland with my partner Daniel Burge and our daughters Amelia and Aurora with Billy the Collie.

At the age of 17 I left home to share the songs that I had written, so with guitar in one hand and my journal in the other I travelled from Clare to Galway city, Blue Mountains Australia to Tennessee U.S and back to Ireland. I wrote, recorded, performed, busked and literally sang for my supper.

At 21 years old, I became the mother of our first-born Amelia Blue and raised her with tenderness, vulnerability and independence while singing. She is truly a creative shining star – now at the age of 19 years old she sings, and I have the great pleasure of singing with her.

I love to walk barefoot on grass and wander through trails in the forests, being creative with my hands through crocheting, knitting, weaving, and quilting. Then I will put on my wellies and go knee-deep with full hands into the growing garden to make homes for seeds to grow towards the sun. I create miracles called ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ for my loved ones and me. I am always surprised when it happens, and we are nourished. I love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and season rituals in the year, making gifts and being gifted creations. Our home is adorned with handmade items that spring from our hands.

I swim in cold water, lean against solid trees, hardly mop my floors at all and savour hanging up the washing, whatever the weather. I sleepwalk and can be found singing to myself in the depths of the night.

From May 2001, I explored the idea of leading group singing. So I felt my way one step at a time with no formal music training or choir experience. I didn’t even know what sound I wanted to achieve, but I knew I wanted to include everyone and nurture a fun and relaxed space for singing ourselves home.

I am 41 years old now, and for half of my life, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with hundreds of singers and song leaders. I am grateful for all who I have sung with and supported me on this journey, and long may it continue along this unknown but beautiful path. I look forward to having you join me.

Love Tembre.

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