Tembre’s Songbook

Songbook by Tembre

I am so pleased to be announcing the birth of my first songbook of original songs – May these songs accompany you on your singing journey

Tembre de Carteret is a community song leader, songwriter and lover of harmonies. She has been leading communities in song for over 22 years in Ireland & presently in Portugal. This is her first book of original songs.

Within these pages, you will discover a collection of songs, some simple and some more intricate, carefully crafted to nourish and bring joy. They extend a heartfelt invitation to you to celebrate in community, express your unique voices, move, connect and experience their transformative power to heal.

The songs feature enchanting rounds and harmony songs spanning from two to four parts, providing a rich and harmonious experience. Embracing simplicity, these songs possess a nourishing quality that will uplift the hearts and voices of your singers. Tembre’s approach to songwriting beautifully combines vulnerability and unbridled joy, creating melodies that offer solace during tender times and invoke celebrations of life’s precious moments.

The 16 songs in this collection are an ode to our connections as singers and our deep bond with nature and loved ones. They will soothe your spirit like the calming ocean waves, inspire you with the promise of spring, and resonate with the cycles of the moon and sun. Within these melodies, you will find the courage to sing through your fears and express your love. They will accompany you through the cold winter, like a warm embrace, and blossom with you into the vibrant beauty of spring. No matter the season, these songs are a celebration of life’s ever-changing tapestry.

So, with this basket full of melodies let the music guide you through the seasons, connecting you to your inner voice, the natural world, and the joy of shared harmonies. With each creation, feel the power of song enveloping you, bringing comfort, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. These songs are a gift, an invitation to celebrate life’s journey through song, and may this book become a treasured companion on your singing path.

“Rolling river, rolling river, makes me smooth, round and soft

Rolling river, rolling river, makes me feel, I’m enough”

The song book includes Scores for all 16 songs ranging from simple earthy rounds to 3/4 part harmony songs. There are audio files to support all the songs with seperated audios for each part of each song. There will be a password protected part of my website for you to access.

Songs included in the book:

Rolling River, Song In The Air, Luminous Warrior, Wild As My Heart, Freedom Over Fear, The Land Shall Sing, Welcome Our Hearts, Freedom To Be, Kissed & Blessed, Love Song, Savour The Light, Close To The Sea, My Forever Song, We Sing Goodbye , New Day New Year, Bright New Day


Buying Tembre’s songbook this summer

My songbook can be purchased in person from me this summer in Ireland & the UK.

Ireland – Earthsong Harvest Camp

UK – Unicorn Voice Camp.

AND you can purchase NOW by personally contacting me & we will arrange payment & sending of the book by post or emailing of PDF, all come with supporting audio tracks with individual learning parts for each song.

Email : [email protected].

My website shop will be launched in September.  Then you will be able to purchase the book via the website to be posted to you  & also an option to purchase PDF of the book.  Both books come with all supporting audio tracks.

Have a look at options below and reach out if you have any questions

PDF of 23 page book plus Audios access is €23/£20/$25

Physcial book is €23 / £20/$25 

Book & postage :

To the UK  & Europe is – €28 /£25

To the US  is $35

Just song audios for sale – includes all parts together & individually €15/£12/$16

Album of songs for listening & for nourishment without scores or individual learning parts is €10 – Coming soon

Songbook sample of songs – press play

‘Rolling River, Rolling River, Makes Me Smooth, Round & Soft.

Rolling River, Rolling River, Makes Me Feel I’m Enough’