Somatic Reclamation

Somatic Reclamation with Tembre on Zoom

Somatic Reclamation is a felt sense of reclaiming your body from your old wounds, hurts & traumas and onto leading a life of freedom where you can not just survive, but thrive.

I am really pleased to be offering something new to the public, to my community & friends.

Somatic Reclamation combines my love of finding and connecting with our unique voices, my intuitive work as a Family Constellations facilitator and my passion as an advocate for holding space for you & witnessing with simply softness, safety and support

As of March 2024 I completed Gate 1 of VAST Methodology titled Somatic Reclamation. This unique training has been created and is facilitated by constellators Emily Waymire and Daniel Burge and their team. Here is where you can read more about their work

Somatic Reclamation is a one-to-one therapy to assist you, with full witnessing to reclaim your body & feel freedom in all that you do. This work supports you to discharge held hurts & wounds from past traumas and reclaim your body. We will identify your strategies that helped you to function & survive and consciously move and explore your stable Core Self. Core Self can feel comfortable and rooted in breath, spaciousness, presence and freedom which is unique to you. Discharging can be as simple as shaking, yawning, laughing, coughing, stretching, crying and so on. During these contained, client-led sessions I am supporting you to unearth and uproot old hurts and wounds from your body, slowly a little bit at a time in a simple but long lasting way.

From very young we naturally had instinctual ways to discharge from emotions and hurts, and from very young we learnt that expressing them was not usually welcome. We learnt to numb, isolate and discard these ‘wrong’ or overwhelming feelings. This affects our nervous system, our freedom of how we are in the world, our relationships and connecting to our passions. I want to create a space for you to explore and reclaim your body, reclaim your amazing Nervous System.

I have done over 200 hours and counting of Somatic Reclamation sessions with my colleagues and I will continue to do this with supervision. I love this work, my body loves this work, my nervous system loves Somatic reclamation and I love holding this space for whoever wishes to enter the room.

Our unique and intelligent Nervous Systems love Somatic Reclamation, loves the balance of attention and a gentle, encouraging witness.

From my heart to yours.

Love Tembre


After the session with you , I felt calm and presently surprised how my body and I could worked so well together. Since the session, I have felt reconnected with how much I trust my body & have been feeling so much more aware of how I am feeling & how ‘in my body ‘ I feel.I feel like you were so warm and loving & I Trusted you. I felt encourage and soothed and that there was no judgment. You held the space so beautifully and made me feel so safe’   Frankie

‘After having a session with you , i noticed how grounded I felt, comforted and secure as I went about my day. The connection I made in my body was really reasuring and not in my head. I felt so supported’ Fiona G

Book a Session

You are welcome to book a session with me using the calender below.  All sessions are facilitated online on Zoom. Please note that all the times are in GMT. I cater for all time zones. If there is not a time or day that suits you. Please contact me at [email protected] and I will see what I can offer.
Duration of the session: Each session is 45 mins long. You have options to pay per session or shecdule a block of 3 x sessions. 
Prices: For the month of April  May I am offering a promotion.
1 x 45 min session is €40.  A block of 3 x session paid in advance is €100.
All payments need to be paid in advance of the session. From the 1st June 2024  prices for sessions will be : €50 per 45min session & a block of 3 x session €140

What is Somatic Reclamation?

“During Somatic Reclamation sessions, we are looking for what is good & essential , we are looking to locate the client, we cannot hope to heal a client unless we locate where they are. We work with two fields, the Trauma Field, and the Generative Field.

The trauma field is where our original wound is, it is also where our strategies are contained, that compensate for the wounds. These strategies might be from this life but also our inherited strategies from our ancestors. This field is full of content & information, and it never stops providing information for us. The opposite is the Generative Field, this is where we are fully human, we are not isolated, we are in full relationship with all that is arising, living from our Core Self. The journey through Somatic Reclamation is to acknowledge the strategies, see them, feel them but not reject them. Instead you make a choice to step out of the Trauma Field & into your Core”

Daniel Burge

  • You are completely good and always have been

  • You are highly intelligent & capable of meeting life’s challenges

  • You are co-operative

  • You are so loving and lovable

  • You are excited about all of Life